Powered By the Sun | Solar Puff Lantern Review
We were amazed how bright these lanterns are. I  expected the light to be dim, and dull, since these lanterns are powered by nothing except a small solar panel on the top.

To my amazement, the solar puff illuminated our campsite just enough. We were able to play cards, and navigate the campground at night.

My first impression of the Solar Puff is that it is somewhat smaller than expected. However I appreciated it’s size being so compact and lightweight. It's size makes The Solar Puff ideal for hiking, and a great way to keep your load light.

The charge seems to last quite a long time. They are rated approximately 8-12 hours  depending on the mode you are using. The solar cell in these lanterns fully charge with 8 hours of sunlight exposure. It did not did not dim or show any signs of the battery running low while we were using it at night with approximately 6 hours of use. We made sure to leave it in the direct sun for a solid day to make sure it was fully charged before hand.

We tested it in the pool, and sure enough it floats and illuminates the water which created a nice ambient glow. You can tell that the Solar Puff is constructed well. The Solar Puff is IP68 certified, in other words, it can withstand dust, dirt and sand. In addition to being water resistant at 1.5 Meters underwater for up to 30 minutes submerged. Keep in mind that I would not recommend submerging these lanterns fully, but they did just fine floating in the pool.

The Most updated Solar Puffs come with a light sensor feature that will automatically turn on the lantern when it becomes dark enough. This is useful when you want to preserve battery or leave it near your tent to be able to navigate more easily when the sun goes down.

The one feature that I wish the Solar puff had, is a battery gauge to see how charged the lantern is. I always like to be prepared and know how long the charge will last, but this lantern will have you guessing so I s better suited as a secondary light source.

I would recommend The Solar Puff to any backpacker who is trying to pack lightweight and wants some insurance against a battery powered flashlight while in the backcountry. It Would also be great for camping or boating as well!

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