Balance boards are not just for adults anymore! Kids can get years of enjoyment from Balance Boards both inside and outside of the house. Balance boards for kids are fun, but there is more to it than pure playtime. Physical skills like spatial awareness and coordination are key benefits of balance boards, but did you know that studies have also shown balance boards can increase the attention span and focus in kids! Balance boards have also proven very popular for kids into sports like snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, hockey, or skiing.

For younger children, we do recommend some adult supervision as this might be a new skill they have to learn, and it can be a little scary at first. Chairs and walls to hold on to can build confidence with the balance board in children. Keeping their eyes focused on a fixed point and bending at the knees can also making balancing easier.

If you are looking for a balance board for kids, Our Vew-Do Mini Balance board in an excellent choice.

We recommend children be at least five years old to start using the board with adult supervision. We find this is a great board for children up to 12 years old.

Our Kids Balance Board includes a foam teeter with a large flat surface that creates uncompromised stability with the ground while the curved upper edge allows for the deck to teeter in an up and down motion. This motion simulates a schoolyard teeter-totter that nearly anyone can stand on. This dual-direction teeter fits perfectly in our patented track system on all Vew-Do Balance Boards. Unlike many of our competitors who use plastic, our boards are made of Canadian Maple and designed to last decades.

Once the kids are ready for a little more challenge, it is an easy upgrade to add one of our Vew-Do Rollers.

Vew-Do Balance Boards are simply the best balance boards for kids on the market today. We look forward to your children getting years of enjoyment and improving their balance at the same time.


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