Black+Blum | Eau Good Bottle With Binchotan Active Charcoal Filter & Cork Top

Color: Red
Sale price$19.99


Activated charcoal filters contaminants out and at the same time releases minerals back into the water. Stay hydrated and take your supercharged water with you wherever you go. 


  • LEAK PROOF NATURAL CORK & SILICONE SEAL: The cork and silicone stopper is held securely in place by the stainless steel ring, the fabric finger loop makes this filtered bottle water easy to carry
  • CHARCOAL FILTER STICK: The charcoal stick water filter comes ready to use. The bottle is designed to hold the Binchotan charcoal stick, all you need to do is drop, tilt, and squeeze the bottle to prevent the stick from moving
  • ERGONOMIC WATER BOTTLE: The curve of the bottle gives it a natural position for your hand ensuring you comfort
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Help the environment whilst celebrating good design by using this drinking water bottle instead of countless throw-away plastic ones. Made from Tritan, which has zero BPA, and is produced to the highest standards.
  • NATURAL WATER PURIFICATION: The activated charcoal water filter attracts the ions of contaminants to the surface of the carbon, to be held and at the same time releases minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium back into the water.

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