5 Ways To Live More Sustainably

If you’re anything like me, you jump at the opportunity to live more sustainably.

You probably recycle as much as possible, turn off lights when you leave the room and reuse things to the point where they’re fallin’ apart.

So, I thought I’d help ya out, here’s a list of 5 ways to live more sustainably:


1.Ride Your Bike More: 

Obvious! Get outta your car and onto your bike. Our supply of Green Guru Gear will make it easy to ride more often while still bringing along the essentials. We recommend the Upshift Frame Bag.

2. Drink Water from the Tap: 

Drinking tap water instead of using plastic water bottles is a major key to living more sustainably. But a lot of people don’t trust the safety of their tap water. Use the Black+Blum water bottle with a built in charcoal filter to easily improve water taste and purity.

3. Ditch the Disposables: 

Single use items can be extremely convenient but they pay a heavy price when it comes to the environment. Instead of using disposables, consider investing in a reusable option. Things like reusable produce bags and freezer bagsFozzil bowlstravel utensil sets and beeswax food wrappers.

4. BYOB and BYOS: 

Bring your own bag and bring your own straw. Instead of relying on plastic bags and plastic straws which do a world of harm to our environment (the turtle with the straw in its nose??) bring your own reusable ones. Like the Chico Tote Bag or these reusable straws.

5. Recycle: 

The OG sustainability tactic. This doesn’t just mean recycling cans or paper...you can also choose to consume products made from recycled material or products you can recycle after using for awhile. For example, flowfold wallets and SolarPuff lights.
Hopefully this helped you out a bit or at least gave you some ideas :) 
Witten By: J. Olson 1/1/2020

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