Biking The Foothills Trail - North Puget Sound Washington State

Looking Great Biking Trails Close to Tacoma or Seattle Washington?


The Foothills Trail is a beautifully paved, and scenic path spanning 21 miles.


The most popular of the six unconnected trails segments of the trail is Puyallup to South Prairie. It is a 15 mile route, routed through East Puyallup , McMillan, Orting, and South Prairie.


Arguably one of the most scenic parts of this trail begins in Orting Heading South along the path through sprawling farmland, developing neighborhoods, and along the Carbon River. The Carbon River appears milky white for the majority of the year, which is a result of the glacial runoff from the hills and mountains above. You’ll catch breathtaking views of the Southern Mountains Range including Mount Rainer that make the views along the trail spectacular.


The trail is open year round to non-motorized vehicles. The smooth pavement makes this trail a great place for bike riding, skating, jogging,  and horseback riding. The maximum width of the Trail spans up to 12 feet wide allowing you to spread out no matter how busy the trail may become in the warmer months.


One of the things that stands out about this trail is amazingly how flat is. This makes it a great trail for building endurance and makes this trail assessable to all levels of fitness.


The trail begins in the City of Puyallup at 13810 80th Street and continues through the Puyallup Valley to the City of Orting before beginning a small climb to the Town of South Prairie and City of Buckley. The trail terminates at the White River in Buckley.  The future plan is to continue the trail to Puyallup where it connects with the Riverwalk Trail then ultimately to Tacoma and Sumner where it will connect with the Interurban Trail that now extends through Kent and Auburn. The trail in Buckley will continue east into King County and Enumclaw. (1)




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