Defiance Gear - Eureka Ignite Camp Stove Review


The Eureka Stove is a must have for all camping and outdoor enthusiasts. it brought the joy of cooking outdoors and made it more accessible compared to the small backpacking stove we had relied on for so long. Don’t get me wrong, there is something to be said about minimalism camping. This 2 top burner stove will certainly not fit in your backpack. But this stove is perfect for your car camping, and more robust outdoor excursions. The Eureka Camp stove is the perfect size - since it has two burners you can do some serious cooking outdoors.



The mint green stove the Eureka was the obvious choice, it may have been the only choice, but it’s a pleasing color nonetheless. The design feels clean and simple and there are minimal moving parts required for setup. The two side-flaps on each side of the burners do an excellent job of keeping the wind out while you cook. The burners burn quite steady and evenly, which made for a great cooking experience that allowed us to cook every meal with ease.
Frankly I enjoyed cooking on this stove more thank I like cooking on my electric stove at home.
The Eureka stove packs up quite well similar to a briefcase. The top lid simply folded closed and is held closed with two sturdy metal latches.



One of the greatest things about this stove is how quickly the stove is able to heat food up. The first thing I made was pan fried sausages and chili for chili dogs. The speed at which i was able to prepare this meal was unmatched by previous stoves I have used, and was overall highly efficient to cook on. This particular stove uses a standard Coleman (mini sized) propane canister. There are a few sizes of this stove, the one we used is the smaller of the two. The fuel efficiency will widely differ based on how you intend to use this stove but for 2 people for a weekend cooking 3 meals per day, we used approximately half a canister of fuel, which felt reasonable considering how frequently ice used these to cook on. Another important feature to mention is the flawless (so far) ignition on the Eureka camp stove. With a simple half-turn of the fuel dial, and a press of the auto-spark function, the stoves lights up with no hassle.


Cleaning the Eureka Camp stove is relatively easy. The front grill simply pulls off to be able to clean underneath. A light/natural cleaning agent did the trick to clean this right up. I used a dam; sponge with a little dish soap and it worked great.


Pro: Overall the Eureka 2 Burner Camp stove is a a versatile and well made addition to our camping arsenal. I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys cooking outdoors and would like to prepare meals for anywhere from a single person to a large family.

Con: The one thing that i wish this stove had was a dedicated place to store the fuel line that comes with this stove (The metal hose part that connects the stove to the fuel canister). The only place to store this piece is in the main compartment loosely in the main compartment. It’s not a big deal, but you would think that with how well this stove was designed they would have integrated possibly a place to clip this piece in place.


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