Why Solemate Wool knit Mismatched Socks Are The Best - Defiance Gear Co.
The best thing about Solemate Socks is the vibrant colors. I decided to purchase the Ponderosa and Mignight colors which were super vibrant yet they are neutral enough to wear casual. The Solemate socks are truly delightful and they will make your feet smile, at least they did for me.

The Solmate socks are thick and are well crafted. Many socks I have tried like this feature too many threads on the inside of the sock that catch your toes as you slide your feet in. These socks are not like that. They are the perfect size as well. I ended up going with the large for myself and a small for my partner and they both fit very well baed on the shoe size chart. I honestly did not know what a decent pair of socks felt like until I tried these.

I took these socks hiking several times and they have held up great. The classic style sock is the perfect length for the taller hiking boots, and offered a great balance of support. The socks I could tell are well made even after several washes they look brand new still. The color is just as vibrant as they were brand new, and there was no shrinking in the washing machine.

Another great aspect about the Solemate Socks is their commitment to sustainability. The socks feature recycled yarns, they have no added chemicals, and all the socks are made in the USA.

Overall I would highly recommend Solemate Socks. You will want to make sure you get the correct size (matching your shoe size) for the best fit. This is probably obvious, but they are genuinely true to size. I will be getting more of these socks down the road as they check all the boxes. They make great gifts, and are uniquely mismatched.

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