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Is there anything better than relaxing in a hammock?  Personally, I don’t think so.  Maybe throw in a good book, some drinks and my sunglasses.  Perfection!

But there is more to a hammock than meets the eye.  It turns out that they are quite good for you too.  Check it out.

Optimum sleeping position

Sleeping with your back supported and your head slightly raised is the best way to sleep. And guess what?  Hammocks do this perfectly.

 They naturally create the optimal sleeping position.  Providing plenty on support for your back and neck as you snooze.

Fall asleep quicker

There’s more!  They actually help you fall asleep quickly too.  The support combined with the gently swaying helps you nod off.

 Some people swear by them for curing their insomnia.  If you are having trouble sleeping, then try swapping your bed for a hammock.

Embracing the outdoors

I love taking a hammock with us when we are out and about exploring nature.  Sometimes you’ve just got to sit and take it all in.

 Hammocks are perfect for this.  They provide a comfortable seat off the floor and are a wonderful way to embrace the peace and take in the view.

Good for your brain

Sleeping in a hammock has lots of great benefits as we have discussed.  But these combine to have overall perks for your brain too.

 Longer and deeper sleep means that you wake up feeling better rested and this leads to improved focus and concentration throughout the day.

Time to embrace the hammock lifestyle

We aren’t expecting you to immediately ditch your bed and buy a hammock, but how about you at least get one.  Then maybe treat yourself to a few naps in it.  You won’t regret it.


Written By Charlotte J. M.A.  (UK) 

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Eve Mitchell

Eve Mitchell

I love to read outside on days when it’s warm enough, and I think it would be a lot of fun to own a hammock. It’s good to know that hammocks can put you in the optimum position for your spine. I’d really like to get one so I can start using it before it gets cold!

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