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I’m a big fan of being outdoors.  The fresh air, the sense of connection, and the peace that it brings. But is it just me, or does everyone feel good after a trip outside?

Well, it turns out that spending time outdoors has proven health benefits. Both in the short term and in the long term.  We could all do with getting outside more and here is why:


Relieves stress and anxiety

Several studies have been conducted on the relationship between being outdoors and stress levels.  One study found that it lowered cortisol levels and another found that it led to a decreased heart rate.

 Even just looking at nature can do wonders for stress.  Office workers with a nature view claimed higher job satisfaction and lower stress levels.  Nature is that good!


Reduces inflammation

A trip to the woods was found to lower the levels of inflammation across all age groups, but particularly amongst the elderly.

 And inflammation is bad.  This can lead to all sorts of nasty problems including depression, autoimmune diseases and inflammatory bowel disease.  Think I’ll go for that walk now!


Allows for creativity

Having time away from our homes and offices provides thinking space.  This is when we allow our brains to roam free and let the creativity flood in.

 One fascinating study showed that people that spent four days in nature demonstrated a 50% increase in creativity.  That’s the power of a camping trip.


Improves focus

I think we have all been there. We are losing concentration on a big project so pop outside for a walk.  When we come back, we feel renewed and ready to get the job done.

 Well, it turns out that this has been proven.  A group of people who lost all concentration were either told to stay at their desks, sent for a walk around a city or off into nature.   The ones that went out into nature all performed better when they got back.

Get outdoors

Personally, I don’t need telling twice.  Any excuse to go for a little explore and I am there.  But hopefully, if you are the sort of person that needs a nudge, this list will have done the trick. 




Written By Charlotte J. M.A.  (UK) 

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