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When we embrace sustainable living, we know that the planet is going to benefit.  That’s why we do it, right?  To save the environment.


But sustainable living comes with lots of perks for you too.  When I switched to an eco-friendly lifestyle I was amazed at how much it improved my life in general.


Saves money

Sustainable living is conscious living.  It is choosing what we allow into our lives and what we don’t.  Therefore, it makes sense that when you switch to buying less stuff, swap your car for a bike and reduce your waste that you might save money.


Frugal living and eco-friendly living go hand in hand.  It really is hard to do one without the other. 


Healthier lifestyle

Many sustainable practices are good for us.  When we want to reduce carbon emissions and opt for cycling to work instead, we help prevent climate change and get a little fitter too.


The same goes for products containing harmful chemicals.  If they’re bad for the planet, chances are they are bad for you.  You do yourself a favour by getting rid of them.


Feel good factor

Just knowing that you are taking steps towards a more sustainable future will make you feel good.  Every item you recycle, every commute on your bike and every organic salad you eat will have a positive impact on your mood.


More mindful living

When you start to re-evaluate one area of your life you suddenly start to shine the spotlight on other areas too.  Actively seeking a more sustainable life can lead to more mindful practices.


You may start a process of self-reflection and think about the other parts of your life that you would like to work on and how you can bring about this change.  It is all growth and life is a journey after all.


We are part of this planet

We cannot stand ourselves in isolation.  We are part of this planet.  A part of nature.  When we work on saving the environment, we save ourselves too.


Written By Charlotte J. M.A.  (UK) 

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