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The Tote Bag That Keeps Giving

In this tote bag’s former life it was probably a big star hanging up high on a billboard or building in downtown Seattle. But the life of a big shot advertisement is brief. So we stepped in and gave the ad a second, more utilitarian life as a billboard bag hauling your groceries and things around.


  • DURABLE Constructed from reinforced vinyl mesh, seatbelt, and inner tube, the Ad Bag is a strong and lightweight carry-all. 
  • VERSATILE This Billboard Bag is perfect for the gym, the beach, a picnic, overnight, carry-on and more.
  • WASHABLE You can always toss it in the washing machine after a hard day.
  • UNIQUE Please be advised no two bags are alike. 


15.5 L x 18.5 H x 5 D in. 

93.7 x 457.2  x 127 mm


  • Upcycled Mesh Banner
  • Nylon Fabric


1433 cu. in.

24 L


10 oz. 

283 g

Made in Washington

Built in the USA

Limited Lifetime Warranty

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