Solight design | Solar Puff Solar Powered Collapsable Lantern

Title: Warm white
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A lantern Powered By The Sun

Elegant, versatile, innovative, portable, lightweight & environmentally friendly. The SolarPuff is the first of its kind. Solar-powered and engineered to be collapsible with pop-open technology, waterproof and lightweight, yet durable even in extreme weather. Perfect for the great outdoors or emergency situations.


  • FOLDS FLAT to 0.25" thick
  • 2 STRAP OPTION velcro & fixed to easily attach to your backpack or tent
  • SOLAR CHARGE Fully charged with 8 hours of sunlight
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE Up to 8-12 hours of light on full charge
  • ECO FRIENDLY  PVC-free recyclable PET material
  • WATERPROOF Great to take with you in a pool or lake. 
  • MULTIPLE LIGHT SETTINGS Warm & Bright 3 Light Settings: low, high,blinking


Dimensions Expanded:

4.3" X 4.3" X 4.3"



The award-winning, origami influenced design of The Solar Puff Collapsible Lantern has been recognized on CNBC, TED Talk, Wire Magazine, Fast Company, and Forbes. 

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